Electronic Oil and Fluid Monitoring Systems

FLUID KEEPER is a modular monitoring system which allows to control up to 16 different oil types or antifreeze, and up to 64 different dispensing points. Each dispense of a lubricant made by the operators is electronically registrated, transmitted to a PC and administrated in a Windows – based programme. The level of each container is automatically and continuously updated and a message is sent if the (presetable) minimum level has been reached in a container or the system is blocked if another (presetable) “stop” level has been reached.


In order to make a dispense the operator must:

  • enter his personal 4 – digits – identifi cation code;
  • enter the internal job order number;
  • indicate the vehicle registration number;
  • select the oil type;
  • enter the quantity to be dispensed.


After a short waiting period (presetable) which allows the operator to take the corresponding control gun, it is possible to start the dispense by pulling the trigger. When the preset quantity has been reached the system automatically stops the dispense. If the preset dispensing quantity should be higher than the really required quantity, it is possible to interrupt the dispense by releasing the trigger of the control gun. The system will automatically registrate eventual diff erences between the preset and the really dispensed quantity and transmit to the PC only the eff ective dispensing data. All data can be extracted and printed out in periodical statistics based on operator, job order number, date, oil type, container or vehicle.


Furthermore the system permits the extension with additional components (optional), such as:

  • ticket printer for a report on each individual dispense;
  • bar code reader for scanning the data of each transaction;
  • security sensors detecting the internal pressures of the pipework;
  • remote display for the visualization of the dispensed quantity.
Electronic Oil and Fluid Monitoring Systems

Art. no. US 8876

FLUID KEEPER 8 MULTI-DISTRIBUTION control unit with alphanumeric keyboard and display.

One control unit is required for every 8 distribution points and allows for simultaneous use. Up to 8 control units can be installed in a single electronic system.

Art. no. US 8877

Simple alphanumeric keyboard with display (optional memory feature can be installed separately). This is an additional module to art. no. 8875 and allows any point of delivery to be activated in the system. Up to 40 additional keyboards can be installed.

Art. no. US 8854

Thermical printer (optional), can be connected to the CANBUS of the control unit. Required for printing a ticket of each individual dispense.