Digital and Mechanical Oil Flow Meters

Our digital flow meters are electronically operated fluid dispenser tools. They are particularly helpful when you need to immediately check the amount of fluid dispensed. Operations are based on a measuring system with oval gears applied to an electromagnetic pulse detection probe. The electronics calculate the total, partial totals, and the overall total of the fluid dispensed at each use.

Flexbimec flow meters are the top of the lubricant quantity control range.

3 different totals can be viewed to monitor fluid flow with the “Oil Gate“, “Oil Bit Plus“, and “Oil HFlow” series. 2 totals are displayed simultaneously in the “DT” series (single use and overall total).

Digital oil flow meter

Art. no. US 2855 – Digital oil flow meter

Electronic oval gears high delivery flow meter for oil, series “Oil HFlow”, with control gun 1” NPT, trigger guard, flexible rubber outlet Ø 3/4”, automatic anti-drip nozzle and 1” NPT (M) inlet swivel. This high volume series allows to accelerate the oil supplies by the use of a flow meter that guarantees high accuracy measurement even at high flow rates.
Art. no. US 2851 Electronic oval gear flow meter, without gun.

Mechanical oil flow meter

Art. no. US 2712 – Mechanical oil flow meter

Mechanical oval gears flow meter, for oil and antifreeze, with control gun, rigid outlet, Ø 12 mm, automatic anti-drip nozzle and inlet swivel 1/2” NPT (M).
Art. no. US 2710 Mechanical oval gear flow meter, without gun.

Art.US 2633
US 2629
US 2855
US 2851
US 2712
US 2710
Connections1/2″ NPT (M)1″ NPT (M)1/2″ NPT (M)
Flow rate9.25 gpm18.50 gpm4 gpm
Max temperature +122 F°
Max working pressure1015 psi1015 psi725 psi
Accuracy +/- 0.5%
Max viscositySAE 240SAE 240SAE 240
Weight3 lb8.6 lb2.5 lb