Automatic and Manual Hose Reels

Manual, hand crank hose reel 9254
Manual, hand crank hose reel 9255

Art. US 9254 – US 9255 | Manual hose reel with crank

Manual hose reel, crank, LS series, made of black painted steel, suitable for hoses with a maximum length of 65′ with a 1″ diameter or a maximum length of 80′ with a 3/4″ diameter. The standard hose reel is supplied without a hose and can be used to wind diesel, compressed air and low and high pressure water hoses.

Art.Max working pressureConnection threads IN-OUTSuitable pivoting wall bracketWeightDimensions (LxWxH)
US9251 8700 psi

976718 lb10″x21″x19″
US9252976820 lb11″x21″x19″
US9253977327 lb12″x21″x19″
US9256976927 lb13″x21″x19″
US92541500 psi 1″(M)-3/4″(F)977327 lb13″x21″x19″
US9255976933 lb19″x21″x19″;{f120}
US95533000 psi1/2″(M)-1/2″(F)-22 lb13″x16″x16″
US9552-29 lb13″x20″x18″
US95591500 psi1″(M)-3/4″(F)-31 lb20″x11″x18″
US9560-33 lb21″x11″x19″
Automatic rewind, spring-driven hose reel 9400-3615-easy-roller
Automatic rewind, spring-driven hose reel 9400-345x315
Automatic rewind, spring-driven hose reel 9400_easy-roller

Art. US 9400+3610 – US 9400+3615 – US 9408 | Automatic Hose Reel for Compressed Air and Water

Automatic winder, spring-loaded hose reel, with plastic casing (in nylon and polypropylene) and revolving wall support, suitable for use with compressed air and water (temperature range: 14°F – 140°F). Inlet connection air: 1/4″ NPT. Max working pressure: 300 psi. The standard housing color is red with a yellow cover. Also available in blue with a red or dark grey cover.

Art.Hose lengthHose diameterConnection threadsp.maxWeight Dimensions (L-W-H) (mm)
US9400+361033′;{f120}Ø 5/16″ ;{f120};{f120}Ø 1/4″M 300 psi
17.9 lb 8.7″x12″x15″
US9400+361550′18.1 lb
US940833′;{f120}Ø 3/8″;{f120}Ø 3/8″M